With the hope of ending the “Overwatch” anniversary event with a big bang, Blizzard is giving fans a way to earn double experience this weekend, and all they need to do is to simply log on -- from there, everything will work like magic. The aforementioned double XP event in "Overwatch" will start on June 8 and will end on June 12. During these dates, players of the hit shooter title will be given a boost in terms of experience gained. This will be applicable on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

A whole new reason to enjoy 'Overwatch' this weekend

The current event was first introduced back on May 23 as a means to celebrate the game’s first birthday.

It brought more than a hundred brand new cosmetic items, which included at least 11 legendary hero skins. Apparently though, these special skins are not easy to come by, hence the complaints the studio received from the community. While Blizzard did not really do anything about it, game director Jeff Kaplan said that they were aware of the complaints, and that they were listening.

Interestingly, the double XP event this coming weekend will conclude the anniversary celebration in “Overwatch.” Thanks to it, too, players will have the opportunity to earn more loot boxes. And with it, they will even have a better shot at obtaining those highly coveted legendary character skins. Well, at least players will not have to rely specifically on luck.

How the XP multiplier in 'Overwatch' will be implemented

It is worth noting that the double experience multiplier will reportedly be applied to every source of in-game experience points. This also includes the XP players get to earn from all the time they spend in every match -- especially the completed ones. Blizzard also pointed out that the XP multiplier will cover the earning of medals and the like.

However, the studio did not include the 1.5K experience points players acquire from the very first win of the day.

The “Overwatch” XP weekend event is slated to commence on June 8 at 5 P.M. PT and is expected to end at around 11:59 P.M. PT on June 12. So far, the current event has brought a lot of interesting things to the entire fandom.

Despite some players voicing their displeasure, it does not necessarily seem like that will affect the popularity and success of the anniversary event. With a way to earn more experience, players will have a whole new reason to log in and play. This is definitely something that players are looking forward to.