Blizzard is giving “Overwatch” fans a chance to show their love and support for the mech-rider D.Va. The studio is basically set to release a sculpture of her, same with what they did to other heroes in the hit shooter-themed game. So far, fans’ reception towards the character’s statue is impressive, which the company hopes to turn into sales.

According to Heavy, the brand new “Overwatch” statue is the fourth release of high-end statues from the developer. But unlike its predecessors, it should arrive with some exciting and new features. This goes without saying that it is hand painted.

Here is everything about it in a nutshell.

The statue’s dimension and price

The D.Va statue will feature both of the hero’s pilot Hana Song and Meka. However, it will not be moveable, unlike its Funko Pop variant. It will be sold at a whopping price tag of $450, a price range completely far from the previous statues released by Blizzard. The price was said to compensate for its size and/or dimension, as it is currently the tallest figure in the lineup.

At the time of this writing, the “Overwatch” sculpture is already available for pre-order. But as for the actual date of its release, it is scheduled for the fourth quarter of this year (no exact date yet). The studio iterated that based on their experience, statues like these tend to sell off quickly.

So for interested fans out there, it is best to pre-order the figure as soon as possible.

Other statues available

Apart from the newly announced D.Va statue, other “Overwatch” heroes’ are also available. They are Reaper, Widowmaker and Tracer, all of which are far cheaper than the aforementioned. They are being sold at a price of $150.

Despite the price, the quality of these statues speaks highly. There is no doubt that the statues go into various detailing to guarantee accuracy and, of course, quality.

Blizzard’s decision to release a D.Va should not surprise the fans of “Overwatch” at all. She is deemed to be one of the most popular heroes in the game right now, with reports players using her more and more every day.

One plausible reason behind this is the titular dive composition in which she is part of. The comp itself requires the use of high mobile characters such as Winston, Genji and Tracer, among others. Meanwhile, there are speculations that the next statue will be from the support department. Perhaps Mercy, as the fandom has shown great interest towards her.