Pokemon GO” might have won some fans back thanks to the new features Niantic introduced, however, these did not stop it from experiencing issues and/or bugs. Fortunately, the developers were quick to resolve this with a new update.

According to GameSpot, the studio will be rolling out a new patch for the highly celebrated mobile gamePokemon GO.” Android users will be getting version 0.67.2, while version 1.37.2 will be for iOS users. The upcoming patch will serve as a fix to some unspecified bugs and/or issues in the game.

What the update is all about

Niantic did not give out any specific details other than one above. They made the announcement via the official Twitter page of the game. Many suggest that the problems the studio will be fixing involve the previous update, which brought the newest feature called Raid Battles.

It remains a mystery if the new “Pokemon GO” update will bring changes to some features, including raids. The studio promised previously that they intend to adjust the new system as players make progress. They described the new system as a work in progress, thus needed to be improved and supported.

The newest feature of the game

As mentioned, the newest and perhaps the biggest update Niantic brought to “Pokemon GO” is none other than Raid Battles. This is where players team up with other players to battle raid bosses. The bosses are grouped into four categories, all making up the four tier levels of the feature. The higher the level or tier is, the stronger the boss is.

At first, the level required to participate raids was level 35. The studio changed it twice and resulted to level 20. Players are only allowed to join raids once in a day, but they can resort to raid passes to join another raid. This pass acquirable through PhotoDisc where players will visit PokeStops to spin a disc. If lucky enough, they should earn the said pass.

They can also resort to buying the pass at the in-game shop.

Also, Niantic made some bold statements lately, explaining that they plan to expand their measures to stop exploiting and/or cheating in “Pokemon GO.” Just recently, the studio revealed that they caught players using unofficial means of catching pocket monsters. The studio iterated that if not for the new system, which is still being improved, they would not have caught the exploiters. This is without a doubt part of the company’s commitment to promote balance and improve the gameplay experience.