Blizzard has introduced some stealth changes in the “Overwatch” Public Test Server. Players reportedly noticed a nerf made to Mercy and the team composition built around her. Basically, right after she dies, she can no longer use her Resurrect ultimate from a spawn point on any map.

According to PVP Live, the nerf was noticed by an “Overwatch” player who immediately posted it on the game’s official Reddit page. It appears that only Mercy can no longer use her ultimate in spawn points, while the other heroes can. So far, this is the only change that can be seen on the game’s test server.

Introducing patch 1.13

The stealth change made to the aforementioned hero is definitely part of patch 1.13. It is also likely for players to see a balance sweep right before the update gets a full release. As for the hero’s odd nerf, this can certainly impact a team’s composition on a high magnitude. The change does not only delay the character’s resurrection skill, but it also takes the invulnerability factor away. It is worth noting that this particularly prevents the hero from dying while using her ultimate.

Interestingly, the invulnerability of Mercy in “Overwatch” only works wonders on some maps. On Gibraltar, for instance: a very well-known strategy is to wait inside the map’s spawn point and resurrect the team as long as she is in range to pop the ultimate up.

Perhaps Blizzard wanted to see first how she would do on the battlefield if such change was introduced. After all, the nerf only exists in the Public Test Server of the game.

More on defending than attacking

In “Overwatch,” most nerfs are made to balance the attack aspect of a hero. With Mercy, though, the nerf is intended for defending.

This, of course, if the user and the team are being held at a map’s spawn point. This could certainly present a problem, most especially when a Resurrect is needed in defending. This is a bold move from the studio considering that this could change Mercy’s significance in the game.

Well, at least, for now, patch 1.13 is still in testing on the “Overwatch” PTR.

There is still a possibility Blizzard will not include it. The updates on the Highlight feature are also on the test server. This, in particular, should allow players to save their highlights for whatever purpose it may serve them. Additionally, changes that affect duplicate items in loot boxes are also present on the server. Meanwhile, data miners suggest that the Summer Games event will arrive with a new hero in the form of Doomfist.