Niantic recently introduced the newest feature in “Pokemon GO” called Raids Battles. So far, the reception from the community has been impressive. Players have certainly found a whole new reason to play the game.

The studio, however, iterated that the aforementioned “Pokemon GO” feature is still a work in progress. This means that changes are to be expected. True enough, a couple of tweaks made their way to the feature. Perhaps the most noticeable one is the sudden increase of difficulty in some of the raid bosses.

Raid bosses’ difficulty increased

In raids, players must work alongside other players to defeat the raid bosses. There are apparently four tiers, with each representing a certain level of difficulty. According to ComicBook, however, Tier 2 raid bosses have become more difficult to defeat. Well, that is because Niantic increased the creatures’ CP at around 9.45 percent. This makes them a bit of a struggle to go up against with.

The affected raid bosses, along with their CP increase, in the aforementioned “Pokemon GO” tier are Electabuzz (Max CP: 123390), Magmar (Max CP: 12718), Weezing (Max CP: 12318), Muk (Max CP: 12269) and Exeguttor (Max CP: 12839). There is actually a good reason why the studio opted to boost the pocket monsters’ combat points.

Basically, this is due to a change in how CP is calculated. So, contrary to popular belief, this is not an actual increase on the beasts’ base stats.

Why the increase

Obviously, Niantic wants to make Tier 2 more difficult compared to Tier 1 in “Pokemon GO.” Previously, a high-level player was able to cheese his way into defeating both of the tiers.

Although acquiring success in Tier 2 is still absolutely possible, some players report that the legwork is now more rigorous. Basically, players must now dig deeper to their attack Pokemon and decide which of these beasts are worth deploying.

As of this writing, there are no other raid bosses or tiers affected on the recent tweak in “Pokemon GO.” It is safe to say, though, that more changes can be expected later on.

Last time, the level required to participate in raids was 35 or above. However, the studio later changed it to 25 and then 20. Meanwhile, a 'Tier 5' is believed to be introduced for the arrival of the Legendary creatures. While there is yet to be a confirmation from the company, this is what most enthusiasts believe. After all, the studio itself announced in the past that these special beasts should make their way to the game this summer.