For Blizzard, bugs and/or issues have no room in “Overwatch.” It is their heartfelt goal to promote balance in-game, no matter what it takes. True enough, they are able to resolve the issue involving Orisa and her ultimate Supercharge.

A couple of weeks ago, “Overwatch” players noticed something odd about Orisa. It had to do something with her ultimate, which allowed her to charge it even after deploying. This should have never happened, as heroes with boosting capabilities were not allowed to charge Ultimates right after deployment. Apparently, for the said hero, she was able to do the exact opposite, giving her and her team a gigantic boost.

Blizzard releases new patch

Players were quick to complain on the game’s official site, pinging director Jeff Kaplan and the development team. Fortunately, they were able to get the attention of the studio, with Kaplan promising a fix. The video game company also iterated that they were aware of what was happening, but never mentioned a specific time for a fix to arrive.

Fast forward today, the highly anticipated fix for Orisa arrives via the latest “Overwatch” patch, as reported by PVP Live. This patch basically fixes Orisa’s broken Ultimate, which allows her to charge while deploying the skill. In addition, the rate of the charge itself increases exponentially and thus allows the character to deploy yet another round of Ultimate.

Blizzard apologizes for the issue, as this should not have been there in the first place.

There is a catch, though

Unfortunately, the new “Overwatch” patch is only available on the game’s PC version. This means that console players continue to experience Orisa’s overpowered ultimate. The studio explains that, in one way or another, the certification process for the console ports remain unapproved.

In this case, the video game company is likely to release the patch on a much larger update instead. Of course, this does not arrive as good news to the fans using the said platforms.

In related “Overwatch” news, Kaplan recently teased the community of an upcoming set of skins for Reaper. The mercenary killer in the game was believed to receive new skins in an event in the future.

Kaplan confirmed it on the game’s forum site where one player asked him about Reaper getting Legendary skins.

The game’s director, however, was not generous enough to provide details, but he assured the fan and the entire community that these skins were worth the wait. The request for the hero to have new cosmetics was part of the community’s discussion in the past. They wanted Blizzard to shift their focus to the hero for once so as to develop new skins.