Pokemon GO” became one of the most exciting mobile games following its launch last year. Players suddenly found a whole new reason to go outside and enjoy the environment. Well, this was due to the fact that they should do it in order to capture pocket monsters.

However, Niantic’s hit augmented reality game “Pokemon GOgradually sunk to the bottom. Its player pool decreased, as more and more players quit the game. There were a lot of factors in play, with some being bugs, exploits and even spoofing. All of these contributed to the downfall of the title, though the game still managed to survive.

Thanks to Raid Battles

Although the studio has found a way to keep the interest stirred in “Pokemon GO,” the game still did not acquire the number of players it once had. However, with the release of a new feature called Raid Battles, this changed everything. The mobile game received a genuine multiplayer function, something that players were hoping to see in the game. This brand new endgame content brought a beautiful storm to the title.

Raids are where players team up with other players to go up against raid bosses in "Pokemon GO." These bosses are deemed powerful and dangerous, as they could easily choke the life out of a Pokemon. In order to defeat them, players must work together with a common goal: to subdue the raid bosses.

Interestingly, they are to receive in-game rewards if they happen to defeat these extremely powerful pocket monsters. Without the players noticing, they are suddenly experiencing a brand new gameplay.

Niantic’s promise

Niantic promised in the past that “Pokemon GO” should undergo a major overhaul so as to improve further. Sure enough, this is the story of the game now.

Players now have a new way to play the game. It is not about catching Pokemon anymore, as they are interacting with other players in the campaign. This not to mention the changes in the game’s aesthetics, with the user interface being an epitome.

Sure, Raid Battles are just among the many promised features for “Pokemon GO.” It is still far from redeeming the main title, but it is absolutely getting there.

As a matter of fact, tons of fans are really enjoying the game, as what reports conclude. Hopefully, the company continues to support such endgame content in the future. They can also move forward with upgrading the core system of raid battles. Either way, it cannot be denied that the new feature is a massive success.