Mattel's iconic fashion doll, Barbie, has always been the topic of conversation when it came to debates regarding how it apparently promotes an unrealistic body image for young girls. Due to the heavy criticism from different feminist groups and concerned parents, Mattel actually had to launch an entirely new line of dolls back in January 2016.

Over the years, most of the scrutiny has mainly been focused on Barbie, while his counterpart, Ken, has remained unchanged. However, Mattel is now changing that with the introduction of a new Ken doll lineup.

Realistic body types

Before its 2016 revamp, Barbie's dimensions basically made her a 5-foot 9-inch white female with a 36-inch bust, 18-inch waist, and 33-inch hips. With the newly revamped line, Barbie is now made available in various sizes and color including curvy and petite body shapes as well as black, brown, and white skin tones.

The basic premise also now applies to the newly launched Ken dolls that include three new body types, namely original, slim, and broad. Ken is also made available with a variety of skin tones, hairstyles, clothing, and eye colors.

An easy decision

According to Mattel, since they had launched the new Barbie dolls in 2016, sales of the company's Fashionistas line has grown significantly thanks to the mostly positive reception by the public.

While there are those who have criticized the new line for downplaying obesity and being overweight, the new products have been largely embraced by most consumers.

Not much attention

As mentioned by Mattel's vice president for global communications, Michelle Chidoni, their Ken line hasn't really received the same level of attention when it came to his body details when compared to Barbie.

Chidoni mentioned that the experience they had with Barbie and Ken are very similar to what is actually happening in the real world, in that women are typically more scrutinized for their physical attributes when compared to men.

With unrealistic body images aside, Mattel has explained that another reason for releasing Ken in various body types and colors is to have children look at the dolls and associate them with the male Role Models in their lives be it their brother, friend, uncle, or their father.

Having just one Ken model with washboard abs and perfect blonde hair doesn't really achieve that goal. On the other head, Mattel also admits that they are taking advantage of the current male fashion trends, which apparently explains why they are offering a "man-bun Ken."