Gta 5” has again claimed the top spot in terms of sales in the UK. This is the 13th time that the widely played title ranked as the highest-selling game. While fans are patiently waiting for Rockstar Games to trickle details about the sixth installment, the developers are also busy rolling out updates to keep the wide player base engaged. Recently, Gunrunners update was released. This latest update enabled data miners to unearth new secrets shrouding the Mount Chiliad Mystery.

What is the Chiliad mystery?

When the game was launched in 2013 in console and 2015 in PC, there is a player base who have dedicated their talents to solving the conspiracy theory connected to the UFOs.

They have found set of clues that led them Mount Chiliad. In the game, they have discovered a wall marking that appears to show a map illustrating an alien spaceship and an egg. On top of Chiliad during night time, an unidentified flying object can be seen. The aliens and the egg were deemed as an important part of the puzzle. While the aliens can be found at Fort Zacundo upon meeting several in-game criteria, the egg remained elusive

Latest data mine

After the latest update had been rolled out, data miners shared their latest finds. Among these includes new code connected to alien objects. There is also a mysterious egg suspected to be the elusive one linked to the strange mystery. Moreover, GPS coordinates pointing to Fort Zancudo was also found.

The place is a military base popular for its close links to extraterrestrial stories.

Currently, the community has not yet found a way to spawn or activate the latest finds. It appears, however, that the recent discovery is pointing to a potential alien-related event or update coming to “GTA 5” soon. Data miners discovered a model for this, but it had no attached scripts or commands.

In other words, it existed in the game’s code but not in the real game world.

Upcoming update

Meanwhile, there were several articles about “GTA 5’s” upcoming update dubbed as Independence Day. Several weapon skins were leaked and making headlines on the Internet. According to reports, the holiday-themed update will be released in time for the US celebration of its Independence Day, which falls every 4th of July.

Rockstar Games has not yet released any statement about this latest leak. With the date nearing, and if the leak is accurate, it is just a matter of time that the developer will reveal information about this update.