"Overwatch" is one of the world's most popular games. If the yardstick of popularity is based on the number of times the game is being imitated, Blizzard's shooter tops the list. In the past, there gave been games that are very similar to Blizzard's title and fans accepted them with arms wide open. However, a game from China might have beaten all other game imitations.

Chinese version

In China, a mobile game called "Hero Mission" attracted interests of US "Overwatch" fans. There are a lot of similarities between this game and that of Blizzard's popular shooter game.

Among them includes game modes, hit marker noise, mechanics, and characters to name a few. In China, IP laws are not consistently implemented, thus the mobile rip off was able to be released in the mobile gaming market.

Roster of characters

Lately, the Chinese knockoff has become the center of fun and mockery among the members of the gaming community at Neogaf. There are characters in "Hero Mission" that were tweaked yet still obviously showing strong resemblance with other titles. One of them is McCree, which in the Chinese mobile game became female and comes with Soldier 9572 name. Another hero resembles Mercy, but she got an assault weapon and has lost her pants.

Aside from the above-mentioned characters, there are other heroes copied from other popular games.

One character named Genji is a " Final Fantasy VII" replica. Other easily identifiable heroes include Immortan Joe, a "Star Wars" Stormtrooper, Sephiroth, and the main character from "Kung Fu Panda," Po.

Gameplay, skins, and other details

"Hero Mission's" gameplay is a disaster. Aside from emulating Blizzard's shooter game, the mobile version has framerate dropping everywhere.

In addition, the action is terribly slow. As for the skins, the game appears to have collected all the skins from various games and movies.

For awhile, many developers have used Blizzard's concept as their games' inspiration. "Paladins: Heroes of the Realm" was heavily criticized because of its obvious resemblance to the popular title.

Meanwhile, the "Overwatch" Anniversary event is still ongoing and will wrap up on June 12. A recent report reveals that there will be massive giveaways, which we will discuss in details in our next article. Fans are also waiting for more revelations about the lore previously teased by the game developer about the Horizon Lunar Colony map. The map has stirred so many speculations about the release of the game's new hero.

Here is the trailer of the Chinese knockoff game.Enjoy!