It cannot be denied that the “Overwatch” community has a love-hate relationship with Genji, the game’s titular cyborg ninja. While he is arguably one of the best heroes in the game, players feel like his difficulty level of playing is off the charts. This became one of the reasons why the hero continues to receive criticism.

Like Hanzo (who is actually his brother in the game’s lore), Genji requires a certain level of playability in order to make him efficient in “Overwatch.” Surprisingly, he became a fan favorite, resulting to his number of users increasing each day.

Unfortunately, not all of them are really capable of making him the deadly assassin that he is.

Put his agility to good use

The hero is deemed as the most agile character out there, thanks to his passive called Cyber Agility. This skill also allows him to climb walls and double jumps, enabling him to transfer from point A to point B in a blink of an eye. What most players fail to realize, however, is that these are exactly the very strengths of the character. Without these, his significance in the battlefield can easily be ruled out.

Genji is most effective in “Overwatch” if he gets to an opponent easily. This can be done by simply using his climbing and jumping abilities altogether. In addition, he is equipped with the Swift Strike that allows him to dash forward to an enemy while giving out damage at the same time.

This skill makes him a champion in the game. Moreover, the Swift Strike can be best applied to softer heroes such as Ana, Mercy, Tracer and Zenyatta, to name a few.

Be cautious and use Genji's Deflect accordingly

In “Overwatch,” Genji is the only hero who is capable of deflecting forthcoming attacks and returning the damage to the opponent.

This is through this Deflect skill, which, when used properly, can offer great upper-hand in any fight. The key here is to use the skill on an enemy that tries to cut him out, most especially the ones who can provide larger damage.

Apparently, there are “Overwatch” players who think that the cyborg ninja is invulnerable. They tend to move towards an enemy line without considering the possible consequences.

The heart of the matter is that Genji, like most DPS characters, does not have enough health points (sitting at 200). He can easily be ripped apart by the likes of Roadhog and Pharah, among others. So, as much as possible, try to be a little cautious and use those Swift Strikes accordingly.