Overwatch” is the kind of game that gets players emotional, especially if they think they should have won a match. While it is always best to keep a cool head and move forward, sometimes one needs to let out frustrations on forums and/or social media sites. Well, this is exactly what happened in a turmoil involving Blizzard’s game director and fan.

An “Overwatch” player by the name of SharkyMarky got disappointed after losing a match. He believes his team should have won.

“Does Blizzard even play their own game?” the player titled his thread on the game's official forum site.

It contains one content, “Nuff said.” This was when things got a little shaky after, as Jeff Kaplan himself took the chance to respond to the player.

Kaplan vs. 'Overwatch' player

Kapla got a little testy with his reply, stating, “We play the game a lot.”

He even went to check the player’s profile and found out that he won “800 more games” compared to the fan. Not satisfied, Kaplan went further to exclaim that the figure does not even include the “daily internal play tests” both in Alpha and Beta. He ended his reply asking if the player has a specific question or if he was just trolling.

The conversation was later on brought to the official Reddit community for “Overwatch.” While there is no denying that Kaplan’s response was quite rude, some still went to praise him for what he did.

Apparently though, this was just part of a bigger story involving the two. SharkyMarky revealed that the exchange did not end there and he even filed a support ticket to Blizzard to complain about the gameplay. Fortunately, things went well for him, as Kaplan apologized and even gifted him with a year-long subscription of “World of Warcraft.”

Kaplan’s story continues

Unfortunately for the “Overwatch” game director, the community wants something more from him.

A petition asking Kaplan to stream himself playing the game has surfaced online.

Since he is the face of the game and, of course, the community, the fandom thinks it is only right for him to give in to the petition. It should be noted, though, that this would not be the first time Kaplan will livestream himself playing the hit shooter game.

Back in July, he went to play the title along with some members of the development team. It was during the time Ana, the healing sniper, was released. As expected, it went well. So, in a sense, one cannot blame the community for asking for him to play again.

As of this writing, Kaplan has yet to either say yes or no to the petition from the “Overwatch” community. Of course, whatever his answer is will not entirely affect the way players look at him. Nonetheless, it cannot be denied that seeing him play the game for the second time around would be a beautiful sight to see.