Publisher Activision, with the help of developer Sledgehammer Games, is looking to conquer the shooter genre with its upcoming game “Call of Duty: WW2.” When it was first revealed, the game quickly acquired a huge following. Many were captured by the developers take on the infamous and historic war, both of which are elements they wanted to see in “Infinite Warfare.”

More recently, the studio revealed that they are working on some features expected to make the gameplay experience better in “Call of Duty: WW2.” It was later found out that they wanted to make the title’s various multiplayer modes flexible and robust.

Now, as reported by GameRant, the studio is set to introduce the popular Uplink mode to the game.

What is Uplink mode

To players who have been fans of the entire “Call of Duty” franchise, this mode is not really entirely new. In its most organic form, it charges two teams with scoring points achievable through throwing or carrying of a ball straight into a goal. Apparently, bringing this mode to the new title is quite challenging. The developers admitted that the jet pack movement it offers, in particular, was an obstacle at first.

It holds true that the aforementioned mode is coming to “Call of Duty: WW2.” However, Sledgehammer Games iterated that this is just one of the many modes they plan to develop and introduce.

However, for the Uplink mode to work perfectly in forthcoming title, it must be “thematically appropriate.” Otherwise, it will not offer the best gaming experience to the players. This particular element has kept the studio at a slow progress, as they try to find the right mix for the mode.

The mode might not be present right away

It is always safe to assume that the Uplink mode will be present the moment “Call of Duty: WW2” gets released. But given the level of complexity it requires, there is actually a significant chance that the studio will add it later on. Perhaps it will arrive as an update for the game or part of an upcoming expansion.

Either way, the video game company assured the fans that this multiplayer mode will be included.

Some “Call of Duty: WW2” enthusiasts suggest that, in one way or another, developing the very core of the mode is not difficult. After all, Sledgehammer was able to introduce it in previous titles such as “Infinite Warfare” and “Advanced Warfare.” The only catch, though, is determining its importance in the brand new title. Uplink in “Advanced Warfare,” in particular, worked fine because the mode was developed based on boost jumping and lateral movement. If the studio really wants to bring the mode to the new game, they need to develop it in a way that it is significant to the new title’s gameplay.