Electronic Entertainment Expo 2017 came with a huge bang, as Sony Santa Monica finally unveiled the PlayStation 4 exclusive “God of War 4.” This year, the same hype and excitement filled the event, as the studio dropped the newest trailer of the game. Here is everything about it in a nutshell.

God of War 4” is taking a different path, as it veers away from the Greek mythology the franchise is well-known for. Add to this the fact that Kratos, the game’s main protagonist, is now a father and has a son who aids him in his journey. Regardless of the significant changes, the fourth installment is still shaping to be a brilliant addition to the amazing series.

Introducing the brand new 'God of War 4' trailer

During its presentation at this year’s E3, developer Sony Santa Monica unveiled the latest trailer (embedded below) of their forthcoming title. It features a brutal and cold future for Kratos, as he ventures the cold lands ruled by the gods of the Norse mythology. Together with his kid, the old man tries to survive a perilous adventure packed with dangers. While the footage does not really reveal any further details, there is no doubt it piqued the interest of the audience and gamers alike.

The “God of War 4” trailer ends with the main characters meeting what appears to be a gigantic sea creature. It is believed to be Jormungandr, one of Loki’s (Thor’s infamous brother) three children.

It is worth noting that this creature is very instrumental in bringing about the well-known apocalyptic event in the Norse mythos called Ragnarok. It remains a mystery, however, if the god of thunder himself and Odin will appear in the highly anticipated game.

A new game with a new style

The upcoming “God of War 4” is definitely a symbol of change in the entire franchise.

While some doubt its potential success in the market, many believe that Sony Santa Monica did the right thing. After all, it would be an interesting sight to see a totally different Kratos, who is now filled with anger and revenge. It is also exciting to see how the character will venture into the new world especially now that he is a father

The game’s very own director Cory Barlog iterated that the game will not only offer a different story but it will also introduce a brand new combat system.

Nonetheless, it is safe to say that the developers here have shifted their focus onto the narrative part of the game, something that they did not really give much to in the previous three titles. Regardless, it is without doubt that the game is still an essential addition to the franchise.