Ark Survival Evolved” was among the most highly celebrated games at this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo. Interestingly, developer Studio Wildcard revealed a new milestone they aim to achieve with the hit dinosaur-themed game. This basically refers to the title finally leaving the Early Access program of Steam.

In its most organic form, “Ark Survival Evolved” falls under the open-world survival category. The game starts with players being placed on an Ark, which is deemed to be an island full of dangerous creatures. Ironically, this is where the fun begins, as players need to find a way to survive and, well, tame those dinosaurs, among others.

Leaving Steam’s Early Access program

Way before Studio Wildcard made it official, most players had already sensed that the game would soon leave the aforementioned program. This was due to the video game company releasing update after update which somehow hints at the title being at its full capacity. Besides, it is about time for the developers to make such move, considering how popular their title has become.

At E3, the studio announced that on August 8, “Ark Survival Evolved” will finally make its official debut. Apparently, the company is looking to give this milestone a huge boost. How exactly? Well, that is by way of adding Griffins for a start. For players who have been dying to tame these creatures, they will finally get to experience riding them as their flying mounts.

It should be noted that the developers of the title plan to release follow-up updates as soon as the said date arrives.

A new map, arrival of Xbox One X version and more

Studio Wildcard also revealed that a new map is set to arrive in “Ark Survival Evolved.” It is no other than the highly celebrated mod map called Ragnarok. It was created by a player named Excited Kangaroo.

The aforesaid map is now part of the official maps on Steam, with Xbox One and PlayStation 4 users getting it a few weeks from now. Ragnarok, in particular, signals the success of the studio’s Sponsored Mod Programs.

As soon as August 8 arrives, the complete version of the game will be made available across all platforms. These are PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Windows PC.

Interestingly though, the video game company also plans to develop a version specifically designed for the next-gen console of Microsoft called Xbox One X. This version, in one way or another, is expected to be launched come November 7. These exciting announcements from the company are definitely something that the community should be looking forward to.