Recently, Blizzard revealed “OverwatchHorizon Lunar Colony map through a cryptic blog post. This latest map is on the PTR right now and those who have tested it has been pleased so far. While the feedback has been very positive, some players discovered a sniping spot that gives an edge to defending players on the game’s second capture point.

Latest issue

One issue recently discovered in the Horizon Lunar Colony map of “Overwatch” is the second defense point. The problem is, in this spot, Defending players have a clear and unobstructed sight the players who are sniping can take advantage of.

Through this exploit, the player can unswervingly snipe into the Attacker’s spawn point. In this case, the defender is at a great advantage. The game will most likely run in the terms of the defending team.

Fix is on the way

The latest issue was an example of oversight that was only known because it was on PTR. According to Principal Level Designer David Adams of “Overwatch,” the sight line will be fixed. Although there were previous concerns that the whole route for attackers is too unprotected, Adam refuted the claim. He said that on that aspect of the game, players can expect that it is less likely that they are to change the whole route.

Horizon Lunar Colony map

The highly anticipated Horizon Colony map is being tested now on the PTR.

The assault map will most likely launch on live client anytime this June. Several details have been hinted on the possible content of the game. One of the hints that fans have been wanting to learn more about, is Winston’s missing companion named Hammond. In some of the images teased by Blizzard, Hammond is described as a much smaller test subject.

We have reported in our previous article some theories about Hammond.

While others are speculating that the Horizon Colony map could contain the game’s 25th hero, at this point it is hard to tell yet. There are conflicting statements from Blizzard about this much-awaited hero. Doomfist could be the next hero, while we cannot also take Hammond out of the equation.

However, knowing Blizzard and their crafty way of launching the game’s hero, it is safe to assume that it is not always what is presented at face value.

Meanwhile, “Overwatch” Anniversary event is still ongoing. The event will run through June 12. Players can expect that Blizzard will be wrapping up the event with a double XP weekend. We will keep you posted with more update about your favorite game when information becomes available.