Blizzard’s latest big event for their highly popular team-based multiplayer shooter, “Overwatch,” has now caused quite a fuss amongst long-time players, who are increasingly becoming frustrated over the game’s Loot box drop rates.

Customer complaints

The “Overwatch” anniversary event is one of the biggest events the developer has launched, which includes a myriad of special items and rewards that are supposedly awarded at random through loot boxes. However, both Activision and Blizzard are now received a mountain of complaints regarding how they are handling the randomization of these rewards, specifically the drop rate for legendary skins.

False promises

The event was announced to contain over 108 new items that will remain throughout the duration of the three-week celebration. Among those items are eleven legendary skins, which are currently the most desirable items within the game. The rare items have been revealed to drop in at least one box out of 12 loot boxes.

Unfortunately, users have reported that this may not actually be the case. Several players reported on Reddit that it actually took them more than 50 loot boxes before they got their hands on a legendary skin. Another user claims that he only got three legendary event skins from opening over 70 loot boxes. Each box can be purchased within the game using real money, which means that simply getting one skin may cost players more than $50.

It has to be considered that the chance of a legendary item appearing inside a particular loot box is purely random, which means that some players may be able to get one on their first try. However, some players have reported that the actual drop rates are unusually low for the event.

Frustrated players

As with other games that have built-in microtransactions, developers must always strike a balance between motivating players to purchase more items and rewarding them enough to keep them engaged.

However, the recent issue with the game’s loot boxes has caused several players to quit playing the game altogether. Some players are even discouraging others from buying anything from the game’s store and not to take the gamble in trying to win a legendary skin during the event.

The game’s director, Jeff Kaplan, recently responded on the game’s forums and mentioned that they are looking into the issue and that they have been following all of the customer’s feedback so far. Kaplan, unfortunately, did not specify if they were going to be making some changes to the drop rate.