A bar and restaurant in West Hollywood, California called The Rainbow is a place where rock musicians are a fixture. Notable regulars at The Rainbow include Alice Cooper, Keith Moon, Neil Diamond and Harry Nilsson – even Elvis Presley had been there at one point in his lifetime.

They are all great, yes, that’s a given. But Lemmy Kilmister, frontman for Motörhead, was different. Hailed “God” himself, Kilmister was a vagabond, and treated The Rainbow like he owned the place. In the last two decades of his life, the awesomely bearded bass player was a daily fixture at the bar whenever the band was not on tour.

Drop by The Rainbow and you’ll see Lemmy playing a video poker machine at the end of the bar table, at least when he was still alive.

Having said that, a collision between Motörhead and video games makes a lot of sense. In partnership with developer Haemimont Games, Motörhead is delighted to announce “Through The Ages,” a DLC for “Victor Vran: Overkill Edition.”

Not a case of ‘making bread on the dead’

Unlike most post-death cashing in of some sort, “Through The Ages” is different. Kilmister had been heavily involved in this expansion when he was alive. The idea was brought up by a longtime fan Achim Heidelauf, who had the frontman so excited he’d always send new designs to the game studio.

Guitarist Phil Campbell is beyond excited, saying his fallen brother would have loved the expansion.

"I'm delighted with the result, as I know Lemmy would have been,” Campbell told Blabbermouth. “For any Motörhead fan, this is another amazing way to connect with the band."

One headbangin’ ‘Overkill’

It’s worth noting that while the DLC is about the band overall, the focus is predominantly on Lemmy. Though it was announced when he was still with us, “Through the Ages” is a great homage to him and the history of the band.

Through the Ages” acts as a separate game from “Victor Vran,” selectable from the main menu. Your character progress, items and weapons will carry over, but it takes place in an entirely different world from the original’s dark and gothic Zagoravia.

Of course, the Motörhead experience wouldn’t be complete without a great track list, which includes “We Are The Road Crew,” “Love Me Like A Reptile,” “Ace Of Spades,” “Overkill,” “Motörhead,” and other songs taken from albums No Remorse, Iron Fist, and Aftershock.

"Victor Vran: Motorhead Through the Ages" is now available on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.