Nintendo will launch the Online Service for its Switch console. This has been known for some time now but, on Thursday, June 1, the company detailed its plans, which Switch gamers can capitalize on. Nintendo also detailed the benefits that an online subscription will bring to fans.

Nintendo Switch subscription monthly and yearly costs detailed

The company said that the subscription to the Switch online service would cost users $20 per year, which seems like a reasonable ask. For gamers, interested in trying out the service for a month before investing in a full year's plan, the service will cost $4 per month.

Nintendo also claimed that it would offer one more option where Switch gamers can subscribe to the online service for three months at a time for just $8.

The company also reinforced that the lobby and voice chat functionalities will not be accessible from the Switch console itself. Instead, gamers would need to install an app on their smartphones or tablets, which would allow players to make use of these capabilities.

The app, which Nintendo says will release sometime in the summer, will let players invite other Switch gamers, to play online, set up play appointments for a later date or time, and even chat with other players while engaging in multiplayer games. It seems that Nintendo will release a free limited version of this app, which may mean that certain features may be locked until players buy a premium version.

Free classic Nintendo games to subscribers

Along with the ability to play with friends online using the Switch console, the subscription will also net players some older games from the company with added online features. For instance, players will be given access to some NES games at the launch of the service, which would include Dr.

Mario, Super Mario Bros 3, and Balloon Fight. More of the older titles will be added as time passes.

Nintendo confirmed that to play these free games, Switch owners will need to have an active subscription to the online service. This means that players will be locked out from playing the titles if their subscription runs out.

However, players with a valid subscription would be able to play these free games as long as they want and whenever they like.

At launch, the online service will only bring the Nes Games, but when questioned about including the SNES games as well, Nintendo said that they were considering the option. However, they did not reveal anything regarding when these announcements would be made. Switch owners will now have to wait and watch when the company launches the service for the console.