Destiny 2” has a lot of interesting features for the gamers. While Bungie has only revealed trickles of information about the game, there are still a lot of discoveries that gamers have discovered. It can be recalled that the developer recently held the gameplay reveal for the upcoming title. The event disclosed necessary information about the game’s First Raid.

Features and settings

During the most recent gameplay reveal, Bungie showed a couple of shots and talked about the raid as well as its social features. Among its features include new Adventures and Lost Sectors, rewarding side-missions where players are allowed to level up.

Aside from those, players can also earn loot and discover more about the new world in the game. In addition, there would be six Guardians in the raids. Moreover, in “Destiny 2” it is only during raid activities that teams of six are accommodated.

The first shot previously shown resembles the Tower, which several speculated as one of the locations. Most likely, this would involve the Red Legion’s assault of the Tower. This would also entail more work to bring the Guardians together and win back the place. Perhaps the raid would include counter-attacks. While the tower in the current title “Destiny” is a small place to hold such activity, it is expected that it would undergo expansions for the upcoming game.

Raid bosses

Aside from the potential assault and counter-attacks, the raids in “Destiny 2” would most likely have the raid bosses fight. Among the speculated raid bosses include Dominus Ghaul, the commander of the Cabal Red Legion that has launched an attack in the Last City. In addition, Crota might also be faced by players as well as the Taken King.

It is worth noting that the Taken King appeared in two varying forms, one as Oryx and the other as the final boss for the raid and the story.

Clans and guided game system

In order to never experience the previous fate of player turnover during the raid events in its previous installment, Bungie revealed that for the next offering there would be guided game systems as well as Clans.

In the upcoming title, clans are fully incorporated in the game and not just another line on the player’s emblem. Clans would have their own features, customizable banners, and rewards. Aside from that, the clans would be used as a foundation for new guided games.

In the upcoming game, clans starting a new activity but require additional players would be able to post that in the game. Apart from that, for players who would like to start an activity like Nightfall Strikes would have the ability to check clans who are looking for players and apply. It would most probably appear as a looking for group announcement feature in the game.

Release date

The raid would not be launched alongside “Destiny 2” but like the previous raids, it would be available several days or a week after, or after the first expansion is released. We will keep you posted as soon as we get more information about the game.