Microsoft has now rolled out a big new update for the Xbox One, which is currently being made available to Alpha Insiders. The new system update, Preview Alpha Build 1706.170526-2218, contains a myriad of new changes and features that should be coming out for all users very soon. The testing phase will, of course, include a lot of user feedback from Xbox Insider members, which means that some of the features may be a bit different from the final version of the system update.

Broadcast together with friends

The company's interactive live-streaming platform, Mixer, has received a brand new feature called "co-streaming." Users of the app should now be able to select a new option, labeled "Invite party to co-stream," from the Party tab.

The new feature essentially allows users to join in their live stream and broadcast along with them.

The feature is currently still limited to Alpha Insiders, which means that members must coordinate with other Alpha streamers in order to try out the feature. An Xbox Live Gold subscription is also required to invite other members to join in a broadcast.

Controller sign-in

Another new feature that will soon become to all Xbox One gaming systems will be a controller linking feature that lets users automatically sign in to their account using their favorite controllers. This feature should be useful for people sharing one console. Each user can independently sign in to their respective accounts using only their controllers.

Other enhancements and fixes.

Aside from the aforementioned new features, the brand new system update also contains a myriad of fixes and enhancement for known issues. A fix for the sounds and audio glitch associated with Windows Sonic has been included, along with fixes for Skype UWP crashes and the Mixer app virtual keyboard glitch.

Patches for known issues with the Party Chat, Games & Apps, Mixer app, are also included.

Meanwhile, Microsoft announced last week their brand new "Game Pass" paid subscription service. The service will be separate from the Xbox Live Games With Gold program, which means that current members can subscribe to both to get more free games each month.

There are currently 40 free games available for the Xbox One and over 70 games that are backward compatible with the Xbox 360. The service costs $10 per month. Unlike the Games with Gold program, there is no yearly subscription option.