Dontnod Entertainment released their message to fans last month, currently making a new "Life is Strange" game. The game will be different from the previous one and will present a new perspective. On the other hand, images of the so-called "Life is Strange" prequel revealed scenes in the said game that is reported to be developed by Deck Nine Games. The said rumor revealed the images in an album on Imgur, an online image sharing community and image host.

The rumor is said to be true because the images were from developers themselves. However, it isn't.

This "prequel" game is a different game from what Dontnod Entertainment is currently working on. To clear the confusion, Deck Nine Games is creating a prequel from the series while Dontnod Entertainment are working on a new perspective of the game. "Life is Strange" is available for free on PlayStation Plus for June lineup along with "Killing Floor 2."

The aforementioned statements were proven by fans in Reddit that a French website GameKult cleared that the game developed by Deck Nine Games is different from Dontnod.

Prequel revolves around the life of Chloe and Rachel

The rumored prequel of "Life is Strange" focuses more on the friendship between Chloe Price and Rachel Amber. On the main LiS game, Max left to study on another university and came back to study on Blackwell Academy on Arcadia Bay, which lead to Max and Chloe reuniting each other.

However, many things changed since then because Chloe had another style and look including her new punk attitude.

Now, since the prequel focuses the timeline in both Chloe and Rachel's friendship, Deck Nine is currently works on it, as rumors say. Dontnod Entertainment mentions that they will create another "Life is Strange" game different from the first release.

Dontnod's message can be viewed below via Twitter:

Surprisingly, the images on Imgur reveal scenes, images, and concepts, including Chloe's transformation from simple and modest to punk.

One Twitter user presents the said image below:

"Are You Cereal? A Life Is Strange Prequel Just Leaked," Twitter user Push Square mentions with an image, showing Chloe standing in front of a train. "A Life Is Strange prequel is leaking and my heart is crying," another Twitter user Skye Rocket says.

The hype escalates and inflates quicker than a burning match while fans look forward for more details, presenting new details on the rumored prequel of "Life is Strange" developed by Deck Nine Games.