In 2015, developer Grumpyface Studios released the well-received “Steven Universe: Attack the Light” for Android and iOs following the immense success of Cartoon Network’s “Steven Universe,” one of the network’s well-known shows. Over the years, the show’s fandom continued to grow, procuring the upcoming “Save the Light,” a direct sequel, and the studio’s first full-fledged console release.

Steven Universe: Save the Light” presents itself as a mash-up of many of the genre’s cult-beloved, quirky Gems, but this one has a twist that deserves its own spotlight.

As with the previous game, the studio has high hopes in siphoning the attention of fans and non-fans alike, promising a fun RPG with a highly entertaining combat system. To ensure this, the creator of the series herself, Rebecca Sugar, worked with the studio for the game to fit into the show’s mythology and is the one responsible for most of its dialogue as well.

See Steven and Connie morph into Stevonnie

As with the show the game is based on, Crystal Gems appear in “Save the Light,” and even though Steven is half-Gem, half-human, he still has the skills of a pure Gem. The embodiment of which is shown in the game’s combat system, wherein it pits teams of up to four characters against foes, and they can start forging stronger bonds throughout battle.

Maxing out two characters’ relationship meter — which is tracked in a separate menu — unlocks a fusion option during battle, and Steven’s fusion partner happens to be Connie, his very human best friend. And yes, the fused character is called, of course, Stevonnie.

More crazies throughout the game

All Gems have the ability to unlock the character fusion feature, to which each is paired with another, resulting in a hilarious but challenging combat experience.

The upcoming sequel will never lose its humor as expected and retains the mobile’s visual aesthetic with its pastel color palette.

Players will be able to take action pauses over the course of each encounter that allows you to select attacks accordingly – thus, the “Paper Mario” parallels. At launch, “Save the Light” will have an impressive roster of characters, including Steven’s dad Greg, and more will be added via DLC following the game’s release, though a schedule hasn’t been provided just yet.

Sugar has also confirmed the game will feature eight playable characters: Steven, Greg, Connie, Garnet, Amethyst, and Pearl leaving two other characters to fill the gap.

Steven Universe: Save the Light” arrives this summer on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.