Hitman” developer IO Interactive is rolling out a ton of additional content in June. The company posted information on what they are going to be rolling out starting tomorrow. The content is going to be rolling out two escalation contracts, as well as 10 new featured contracts. Those additions will go live on June 2. Later on in the month, IO says it will be bringing their 25th Elusive Target. Per usual, elusive contract #25 will be up for a 10 day stretch and then it will go away forever. The time-limited contract is Hokkaido and once players are able to track him down, they won’t be able to go after him again.

New escalation contracts

The two escalation contracts will take place in Sapienza and Bangkok. The first of the two that will land is called the Spaggiari Subversion using the “Landslide” Bonus Mission in “Hitman”. The developers have said there are five different stages and will have three different targets. IO wants to make it clear this won’t be the easiest mission in the world. There are going to be some weapons and disguise restrictions but the company is saying just yet what those restrictions are going to be when these contracts land. It makes sense that they are keeping some information under their hats, because it makes it more fun.

IO Interactive is giving a bit more info about the Asya Attunement is the fourth Escalation Contract to be added for Bangkok and will also have five “Hitman” stages.

There were be some complications included involving shotguns, exterminators, kill streaks, laser tripwires and more.

Featured contracts and more

The new featured contracts are ideas pulled straight from the “Hitman” community by the developers. IO interactive called out the people who came up with the contracts to give them props.

ILikeGAMESish, DangerDogGuy, Mr Freeze, Ed ll3, The1AndOnlyLegoAlex, theWizard, Euler 13, Urben, SpeedsterRunner14 and Silverballer550 are the ones who came up with these Featured Contracts so if you’re a member of the very active community that makes this title’s fanbase you can give them a few extra pats on the back.

The developers are calling Elusive Target #25 the penultimate Elusive Target.

That’s a bit of bad news for those who have enjoyed getting their mitts on these targets. It will certainly be interesting to see what ET #26 is going to be and what the team is going to offer when the final Elusive Target is issued in the future. For now, we have “sometime this month” as the landing date for #25.

Along with the new Elusive Target, IO Interactive has said it will be bringing an update to the gameplay in “Hitman”. Details haven’t been laid out but the developers appear excited to see it in action.