One of the things that players love about “Injustice 2” is the fighting experience, like no other titles of the same genre, it offers. Also, another reason why people are in awe with the game is NetherRealm Studios’ commitment to listening to its fans. Well, in reality, there are so much to love about this hit game.

In “Injustice 2," particularly its rewards system, it lets players earn multiple Motherboxes, all filled with the nicest of stuff. This can be anything from new gears to loot specifically for the characters. The frequency of the rewards system even soars when players are part of a guild.

Problem is, opening them can be a headache. That is because fans will have to do it one by one.

New “Injustice 2” functionality

Fortunately, this will not be happening in the game anymore, as NetherRealm Studios’ very own Ed Boon promised. Whenever the game boots up, it is because players are all set to play the game, not necessarily open an endless array of loot boxes. Obviously, this is a huge waste of time (and energy pressing the X or A multiple times), which you could have spent on things like hero customization or whatsoever.

Thanks to Ed Boon, this entire tiring process of opening loot boxes, one by one, in “Injustice 2” will soon be over. That is because a new functionality by the name of “Open All” will be introduced to the game later on.

As the name suggests, it allows players to go straight to the process of opening all loot boxes in one single press. It just goes to show how committed the video game company is in listening to the community and applying every possible request to the game.

A refreshing change

To those who really do not play “Injustice 2,” they would deem the option not-so-significant.

Well, they may be right; however, for those who have shed blood and sweat opening those boxes, the button is like an early Christmas present. This will literally save them a good chunk of time. They will now be able to give time customizing their characters, completing various missions and even preparing their snacks, among others.

Simply put, this forthcoming functionality is a refreshing change.

This should even pump every player considering the fact that “Injustice 2” is just getting better with each change and/or update. In fact, the next fighter confirmed to arrive at the game has been revealed. It is no other than the “Mortal Kombat” veteran named Sub-Zero. Interestingly, he will offer a new type of skill that allows him to clone an opponent.