"Injustice 2" is more than just your standard fighting game and to enjoy the game and level fast you have to understand it. There are also tutorials and practice mode for players who want to perfect the moves. Recently, however, several fans have discovered a way to enable the AI to via the Endless mode of Multiverse without the need for more input from the player. This endless mode will reward the player with loot when the AI loadout is customized, as well as heaps of XP.

Endless mode

To activate the latest discovery, a player needs to choose the AI loadout for the chosen character.

These AI characters are required to be customized with the best gear in the game in order to win in battles. In Endless, 5 fights entitle a player to a Bronze Mother Box, while 15 wins a Silver Mother Box. Achieving 25 victories correspond a Gold Mother Box and 100 wins reward Diamond Mother Box. Standard rewards from regular battles will also be given apart from the Mother Box bonuses. This is also a great way to farm with little to zero effort, EXP, loot, money and source crystals.

How to automate Endless mode

There are several factors that must be considered before automating the Endless mode of "Injustice 2" for PlayStation 4. Make sure that your computer is stable because you will be required to continuously press the continue button repetitively.

This latest guide is discovered by MagicMuffinMan and shared on Reddit.

1. You have to download, install, and setup PlayStation 4 Remote play to your PC

2. After the installation is done, download, install and run the Autohotkey.

3. Upon completing the instruction, on your desktop screen, using your mouse, right-click and select New, then select AutoHotkey Script.

4. Edit the contents by right-clicking on the file.

5. after you have successfully edited the file, delete everything inside and replace it with:


SetTimer, PressTheKey, 30000



Send, {Enter}


6. On your computer, open Endless mode using the remote play. Then Run the script. To do this, just double-click the file.

7. You can also disable the script by pressing Ctrl + Alt + Delete. If you want to use the command prompt simply scroll down and look for AutoHotkey script. Click it and choose End Task.

MagicMuffinMan notes that he cannot guarantee that the same steps will work on Mac or on Xbox One. the Reddit user also assures that no virus will be downloaded with the script.