Sony simply impressed at their E3 conference this year. They showcased a lot of great games and made contributions to the virtual reality department. The impressive sale numbers do not lie and that is the reason that they are the best and are beating their many other competitors. More importantly, though they won E3 this year, even though the conference was cut short. They showed what people really want to see which is games, but here are the Top 5 most important announcements made by the company.

1. God of War 4

This is a highly noted Playstation video game franchise.

Many fans were excited to see where the fourth game was headed and the latest trailer for the game wowed fans. This time around the game is much different than any other game made before. This time around, the main protagonist Kratos has a son and is teaching him the ways of being a warrior, but the game is set in Norse mythology this time around. He is much different this time around having a full beard and other weapons at his disposal.

The game is slated to come out in early 2018 and it looks to be very promising and exciting. The combat looks great and the villains seem to be interesting. Although it is different, it seems to hold true aspects of other God Of War games.

2. Spider-Man

The trailer for Playstation 4's "Spider-Man," was impressive at E3.

The combat in the game seems to take new heights and the humor is spot on. Moving around the city is fun and seems to be very effortless. The game is being made by well-known company Insomniac and it is looking to be headed in the right direction. The studio is making a compelling story, along with adding great humor and making Spider-Man's character spot on.

The main villain seems to be Wilson Fisk and the game seems to be going into the way of comics, which is amazing. There seem to be many notable villains that will be in the game like the "Green Goblin," and others. The game will be released in 2018.

3. Days Gone

This zombie survival game looks absolutely incredible. The combat is familiar and there seems to be an interesting story at play here in a zombie apocalyptic world.

We are still unsure of who the main character is other than a biker. The trailer at E3 showed a lot more information about the game though and about the zombies themselves. The game gives off a "Last of Us," vibe, which is good because it is known as one of the greatest games ever made.

The world seems to be open and dynamic in itself. The game even showed off a zombie bear and motorcycles. The game looks to be something special, although something different at the same time. The game will be initially released on December 29th of this year.

4. Uncharted: The Lost Legacy

A beautiful trailer was shown of the newest Uncharted spinoff game to come out. The preview featured a lot of suspense, action, and exploring, something we are used too when it comes to Uncharted.

There is no more Nathan Drake, but Chloe and Nadine instead. A different story is set in play between the two characters working together to get an artifact.

The game will launch on August 22nd for the PS4. Fans will be excited to play the next game in the Uncharted series.

5. Shadow of the Colossus remake

The popular game is being remade on the Playstation 4 system and it looked amazing at E3. There are few details out on it at this moment, but it looks to be a promising game as well looking forward. The environments are varied and the graphics look off the charts, along with the other games coming out. It is arriving sometime in 2018.