Developer NetherRealm Studios has just unleashed the latest fighter in “Injustice 2.” It is none other than Red Hood, who came as a DLC. Unfortunately, some fans are reporting having issues accessing the new character.

Some “Injustice 2” players are complaining about not getting access to the aforementioned fighter. Simply put, the DLC itself is not working; hence the issue. Good thing, though, Warner Bros. has provided some help on mitigating the problem.

How to resolve the character inaccessibility

The company iterated that the players should verify first if the content has been downloaded or not.

This can be checked accordingly. On Sony’s PlayStation 4, this means visiting the game’s page on the console’s Home menu. They will then scroll down to the related items located at the bottom. By going straight to the My Addons section, they can manually “download individual pieces” of the content. If anything else, it should be available with a price of “Free.”

As for Xbox One users in “Injustice 2,” simply go to My Games and Apps section. From there, select the Manage Game option to manually install the content. Once done, go straight to the main menu within the game and wait for a certain AI battle to immediately start. As soon as it happens, players will have to press any button so as to interrupt the play.

Viola, Red Hood will then be available for play.

Red Hood’s super moves leaked

Interestingly, there have been countless leaks relating to the new “Injustice 2” character and his special move. It basically involves drop-kicking his opponent onto a mine of sort. It will be followed by a rain of bullets, while a grenade will be placed onto the enemy’s body.

Seemingly not satisfied, the character will once again drop a rain of bullets and will finish the animation with a precision shot to trigger the explosive device. Judging by its looks, this move is pretty neat and, well, brutal.

Obviously, this will be an interesting addition to the overall gameplay in “Injustice 2.” So far, the title has been deemed impressive and remarkable.

It quickly made a huge name in the industry, with critics saying that it is nothing like any other fighting-themed titles. There is no doubt that the developers have made a successful job at making the sequel a notch better than the original title, though it did not really suck. This should at least change the perspective gamers have towards fighting games.