Steal a kill while on a "Dota" or "League of Legends" map and your carry will never stop complaining. For "Overwatch", instead, researchers just found out how essentially unimportant attack characters are in the grander scheme of things. Careful planning and a smooth execution - not sheer brute force - seem to be the best way to victory.

Websites, pages, and groups on social media often organize tournaments that you and your friends can sign up for. Simply asking your mates to get together on Discord and play a few matches, though, is unlikely to bear any fruit.

There are some basic rules you'll want to follow the next time you pick your the characters in your team. Let's see how things work!

Warning: Actual 'Overwatch' Science Ahead!

Competitive "Overwatch" analysts at Winston's Lab spent a considerable amount of time studying the scene. The website collected data from several tournaments and kept an eye on each team's win-to-loss ratio. Almost immediately, it was clear how more cooperative groups would fare a lot better.

Using their very own PTK-Model, the guys at Winston's Lab explained how the composition of a team can dramatically improve or worsen its performance.

"Overwatch" is an objective - rather than kills - based experience, where the total number of eliminations matters little. What's important, after all, is to be the last group standing next to a payload or a point.

If you want to know more about the whole process and the data used for this research, you can read the above post.

In layman's terms, teams that prioritized keeping everyone together, let their supports do their jobs, and minded the objective would get farther into the events. Funnily enough, these groups were also the ones in which non-attack characters scored the highest number of eliminations.

Seamless Cooperation Means Victory

What the results show us is just how each class must be able to do their job in order to succeed.

A pinned down Mercy, a frozen Symmetra or a stunned Zenyatta simply can't respond fast enough. When these characters go down, you will usually end up following them.

The next time you play Tracer, Junkrat or Soldier 76, don't waste the entire match chasing after the enemy team. Instead, follow the directions given by your tank, stay in cover, and you'll live a lot longer. Keep your supports and healers safe and they'll win the game for you! Follow these tips and you should definitely up your win rate!