After a couple of weeks full of rumors, Niantic has finally unveiled the latest “Pokemon GO” event. It is called Solstice event, which increases the spawn rates of pocket monsters under the fire and ice type categories. Now, the question: which of these creatures are to be deemed rare?

The current “Pokemon GO” event is filling the world of the augmented reality game with fire and ice-type species. While some of them are hard to catch, not most of them are rare. Hence it is important to understand and distinguish the difference. Doing so also lets the overall gameplay experience more fun, as players get to feel the thrill of catching an elusive Pokemon.

How rarity works in the game

Believe it or not, judging a creature’s certain rarity in the title is not as easy as counting. It is just straight difficult to do. This is because a species may be rare in a certain region, but it would not be rare in another. Interestingly, events like the newly-unleashed makes keep this difficulty at bay. It simply brings consistency, so as players understand which beasts are hard to catch.

To determine the rare “Pokemon GO” monsters, one needs to distinguish first the common ones. In Solstice event, the list includes Vulpix, Shellder, Cyndaquil, Ponyta, Swinub and Growlithe, among others. Apparently, these pocket monsters reportedly have a higher spawn rate than other fire and ice type creatures.

Well, of course, they are commons. As for those who are wondering about Eevee, it remains unclear as to which rarity level it falls. Some believe it is rare, considering the frequency of its spawns despite no events.

The uncommon and rare Pokemon

Next are the uncommon creatures in “Pokemon GO” Solstice event. As far as the current event is concerned, there are a total of four: Charmander, Sneasel, Seel and Houndour.

Finding and catching these Pokemon should not be a headache. They can be obtained in just a blink of an eye. However, they do not have the same spawn rates as the aforementioned species. For instance, in an area, there might be 15 Houndour but Cyndaquil could offer 30 during the event.

Moving forward, finally, are the rare pocket monsters in the current “Pokemon GO” event.

These are no other than Lapras, Magmar and Jynx. Plenty of players are reporting that they barely see these creatures despite the existence of the ongoing event. That is simply because they are rare and thus they hardly appear in-game. While they may not be as cool or stronger than other Pokemon of different types, at least in the current event, they are the ones in the spotlight.