Red Hood is the newest character confirmed to arrive to “Injustice 2” next month. He will be introduced via the Fighter Pack 1 DLC along with two other fighters: Starfire and Sub-Zero. With the character’s upcoming release, it is interesting to see just how popular he is in the DC universe. After all, he was Batman’s former Robin.

As far as the canon is concerned, Red Hood (known as Jason Todd without the mask) has a very complex personality. He continues to be a receiver of both love and hate from the community for nearly 30 years now. But following the success of the animated film “Batman: Under the Hood,” the former Dark Knight sidekick quickly rose to fame.

Fans and comic lovers just started talking about him once again. With the impending release of the fighter in “Injustice 2,” a tribute just seems fitting.

The dead Robin

Jason Todd was violently killed by the Joker in a comic iteration called “Death in the Family.” This installment shocked the entire fandom, as he was the first Robin to die. Well, this goes without saying that, in the world of comics, he is deemed a popular character to die n mainstream comic book. His popularity plummeted, with people calling him “just another Dick Grayson.”

However, DC brought Jason back to life after five years of comic death. He became Red Hood who, without Batman knowing, donned himself as crime-fighting hero (though he presented himself as a criminal).

He got into a fight with his former master, the Bat, who thought he was still dead. Bruce, with no intention of killing (pun not intended) Jason, convinced the latter stop and find purpose in life instead.

He met the Demon

When Red Hood broke his coffin, he had no idea why he woke up. All he knew was that death came upon him.

Ra’s al Ghul, along with Talia her daughter, found Jason wandering on the street. The two decided to take care of him and was later on trained. The father and daughter, later on, argued if Jason was useful or not. But during the Demon’s visit, Talia accidentally pushed Jason to the Lazarus pit.

There, Red Hood met the Demon.

He then came back, like Lazarus from the Bible, but stronger and more violent. Talia decided to smuggle him away from Ra’s al Ghul. Some believe that his accidental fall in the pit made him loath Batman so much that he vowed to kill the Caped Crusader. Well, everyone knew what happened, though.

His ultimate fuel and motivator

Red Hood is a walking testament of what vengeance could do to a person. His insurmountable anger towards Batman was later on explained. Basically, he accused the Dark Knight of not having what it takes to take out The Joker. While he loved the idea of killing Bruce, he knew that his skills were not enough to kill the Bat. So instead, he went to train himself.

Jason was a master of all know martial arts, some of which include Ninjutsu, Krav Maga, Capoeira and Aikido, among others. While these were enough to make him a deadly opponent, his vengeance towards Batman is his secret. Red Hood is definitely an interesting character with so much story to tell.