Nintendo has revealed that it will launch a mini SNES Classic in September and will provide retro gamers with all of the nostalgic titles which the original SNES used to run. At launch, the console would support 21 games ranging from “Super Mario Kart” to “Legend Of Zelda.”

The company claimed that the new SNES Classic mini console would launch on September 29 and would bear a price tag of $79.99. It will also allow players to play the retro games on HD televisions due to the inclusion of an HDMI port, similar to the one present in the NES Classic edition as well.

Fans of the original console will most likely look forward to the release of the SNES Classic.

The SNES console

The original SNES gaming system launched back in 1990 and sold over 50 million units in its lifetime. The SNES Classic follows the release of the NES Classic last year. It opened to large sales, but production was discontinued suddenly in April 2017, which irked fans who had been waiting to get their hands on the reinvented console from Nintendo.

According to the BBC, the company said that the shortage of resources were to blame for the limited units of the NES Classic console. However, Nintendo also assured retro gamers that it would not make the same mistake twice and the production of the upcoming SNES Classic would not be stopped mid way.

Some people in the gaming industry even accused the company of having devised the scarcity of materials for the NES Classic intentionally. People felt that the company had done the same to garner international attention just before the launch of its major console the Nintendo Switch. Many also questioned the company’s plan of creating new consoles for playing older games, when these games can be launched for the smartphones and tablets.

Nintendo did not confirm whether it plans to sell the SNES Classic edition beyond the end of 2017 and just said that it would start selling these consoles from September 29, all the way through end of 2017. It remains to be seen how long the SNES Classic devices are available in the market once it is launched.

Which games will the retro console support?

Some of the popular games that the SNES Classic would support include “Contra III: The Alien Wars,” “EarthBound,” “Donkey Kong Country,” “Final Fantasy III,” “The Legend of Zelda: A Link To The Past,” “Star Fox many more. Interestingly, the console will also support “Star Fox 2,” which was unreleased till now.