Sony Interactive Entertainment revealed their PlayStation Plus Free Games for the month of July. The games are set on three PlayStation consoles namely PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita. Going back to the rumors and speculations on what game lineup may contain for July 2017, it is finally confirmed by Sony themselves. The games for the PS4 are "Until Dawn" and "Game of Thrones." Next, the games for the PS3 console are "Darkstalkers Resurrection" and "Tokyo Jungle." Lastly, the games for the PS Vita are "Don't Die, Mr. Robot" and "Element4l." This lineup is a competitor of Xbox Games with Gold for this month as well.

Furthermore, according to Sony, PlayStation Plus members or subscribers can even get the game entitled "That's You" from July 4 to October 24 in celebration of the PlayStation 4's PlayLink launch. Additionally, "Orcs Must Die Unchained" will launch its closed beta on July 18 and PlayStation Plus members will get benefits. They can access the game's closed beta and get the game's Plus Pack for their membership.

PlayStation 4

First, "Until Dawn" is a game for horror-genre loving players. This game will test their decision-making skills under the pressure of time as well as problem-solving skills in times of danger. Players will delve into the journey of eight friends that are trapped on an isolated mountain retreat.

This survival-horror game will keep players on the edge because one wrong decision can lead to a bad outcome.

Second, "Game of Thrones: A Telltale Game Series" is a telltale story that contains six episodes. This will surely keep players occupied as they will have to delve deeply into the story of the game. This game is based on the movie series itself.

PlayStation 3

"Tokyo Jungle" is an adventure game that revolves around animals while "Darkstalkers Resurrection" revolves around the fighting genre. This game is a quick-paced fighting game, where players can choose a character with different abilities and skills---perfect for those who thirst for battles.

PS Vita

The two games for the PS Vita are the following: "Don't Die, Mr.

Robot" can be cross-bought on the PlayStation 4. Players can customize their own robot and survive in one round for as long as possible. On the other hand, "Element4l" is a game that invokes nostalgia and calm atmosphere for players.

Here is the trailer for the announcement below via PlayStation EU on YouTube: