One of the newest characters to arrive in NetherRealm Studios’ “Injustice 2” is none other than Red Hood. Also known as Jason Todd, the former Robin will be making its way to the game alongside two other fighters: Starfire and Sub-Zero. With his upcoming inclusion, it is interesting to see what this guy could offer.

Unlike most fighters in “Injustice 2,” Red Hood relies on heavy pistols and brute force. He has no superpowers of sort, but his skills are enough to put even the slickest character in the game. This is not to mention that his special move sets are as deadly as they look.

Forgetting his Robin-ish standards

The aforementioned character has been an icon in the DC universe. Unfortunately, he is also considered as the most loved and hated of all. As Batman’s sidekick before, people fell in love with him right away. He might not have been the best Robin out there, but he certainly made an impact. However, following his death, his charms in the community suddenly diminished. For sure, his return did not even make a significance impact to his overall character. Instead, fans started hating him for his beliefs and standards as guy with a red mask.

The Jason Todd-Red Hood storyline first surfaced in 2005’s hit animated film “Batman: Under the Hood.” Many believe that so far, it was the best DC film in history. It is where Jason returned as a crime figure who is responsible for the death of hundreds of criminals.

Of course, as man of dignity and philosophy, Batman does not approve it. He sees Red Hood as another criminal he needs to put behind bars. Later on in the movie, the two resolved their differences, but Red Hood remains to be the violent and angry anti-hero that he is known for.

His stats and special moves in “Injustice 2”

In one way or another, Red Hood has a pretty acceptable base stat in “Injustice 2.” His STR is 1600, while his ABL is 1650.

As for this DEF and HP, the figures are 1350 and 1250, respectively. His has a decent of special moves to offer in the sequel. The first one is called Ground Mine where he throws a mine on the ground and detonates itself shortly thereafter. Second is the Spin Parry, which allows him to spin along with his pistols. He then parries and shoots his opponent a couple of times.

Another special move of Red Hood in “Injustice 2” is called Gotham Stars. Here, he hurls tons of throwing stars straight to the enemy. Lethal Lunge, on the other hand, allows him to lunge straight to his foe. If he is up against an aerial opponent, he can use the Vendetta Slam to grab and shoot the enemy. Lastly, he has the Akimbo Blaze. It allows him to fire a good round of bullets.

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