The multiplayer online video game, "PlayerUnknown’s Battleground” is gaining popularity as Bluehole release updates to make the game more interesting. For the past three months, 25,000 cheaters have been banned from playing the game. A strong indication that it is growing its playerbase. Another report recently surfaced online on the developer’s plan to add Crossplay between PC and Xbox One.

Latest update

In an interview with VG247, Executive Producer Chang Han Kim revealed that Bluehole wish players on PC and Xbox One could play together. He also believes that they will not experience any technical issues with this plan.

Kim, however, underlined that in the game’s competitive side, there could be a balance issue between the keyboard, the mouse, and the console’s controller.

The executive producer acknowledges that it is one of the issues that they are facing at present and is making the execution of the plan difficult. He further said that they would need to add the aim assist and other things if they are going to enable players to use the controllers. Moreover, Kim said that they are currently not yet supporting it but will look into it in the nearest future.

Wrinkles of crossplay

The latest plan of adding crossplay between PC and Xbox One console in "PlayerUnknown’s Battleground” could bring a migraine to the developers.

With the plan of integrating the aim assist in the game, there are still several factors that they could meet. Among them includes the fact that the controller is at a great disadvantage when put against keyboard and mouse. This makes the console players less likely to win the game. The blame would definitely be directed toward the aim assist feature if ever the player loses in the game.

Gears of War” recently added crossplay to the game in the early part of this year. Prior to permanently adding this feature to the game, Coalition, the game publisher, also tested it first. Right now, the feature is limited only to Social Quickplay. The game’s Competitive and core play are still segmented to keep it as competitive as possible.

For now, these are the only details that we know about Bluehole’s plan of integrating crossplay in the game. We will keep you posted on more updates about your favorite game, “PlayerUnknown’s Battleground” as soon as information becomes available. For your daily dose of gaming news and updates, visit Blasting News.