It seems all players in “Pokemon GO” are pretty caught up with the new features Niantic introduced. Basically, the studio released the Raid Battles along with the newly revamped gym system recently. Players found a whole new reason to play the game, something that is really a huge milestone for the developers.

Apparently, a line of code in “Pokemon GO” was discovered and hinted the next event of the game, as reported by ComicBook. This code was reportedly acquired from the latest update the studio released. Although nothing official was announced, it cannot simply be taken for granted.

Game’s next possible event

On Thursday night, Niantic released a new update for the mobile game on both Android and iOS. The update was meant to implement bug fixes related to the new gym system the company installed. As soon as it went live on multiple APK sites, data miners discovered the said line of code, which was believed to be tied to the forthcoming anniversary event.

Pokemon GO” was launched last year, particularly on July 6. Obviously, the next possible in-game event will have something to do with the game’s first anniversary or birthday. What makes this interesting is the fact that no other line of code was found related to the said event except for the discovered one, and so far, data miners have been pretty accurate with their discoveries.

What this event could bring

Niantic previously announced the arrival of Legendary creatures in “Pokemon GO” sometime in summer. However, since then, the studio never followed up. No details or whatsoever were released. This led to players wondering if the initial plan was still on schedule. Apparently, recent discoveries like the aforementioned contributed to the speculation that the special beasts will indeed arrive.

Of course, what better way to unleash them than the game’s first anniversary? Although this is still a speculation, it cannot be denied that all clues are pointing there.

Another popular theory in the “Pokemon GO” community is the arrival of a rare Pikachu. This was in fact mentioned by Niantic during a recently concluded computer graphics conference called SIGGRAPH.

The studio, though, did provide a timeline, which is next month. Either that or the arrival of Legendary creatures, players are definitely going to get something sooner or later. Furthermore, the first birthday of the game is just less than a week away so it might be possible that the studio will announce something early next week. This, in particular, is something that players must look forward to.