Horizon Lunar Colony map is out for "Overwatch" and players had the opportunity to play it for the first time. This is another assault map as players visit the base for space exploration. The map has a few Hidden Secrets and some of them are very interesting and are related to the game or some of its characters.

Considering that this "Overwatch" map is rather big and that it's been out for a short period, there is no doubt that the players who love to explore will discover even more secrets.

Secret locations

The new map has a telescope which player can use to look at the Earth.

When looking through it, players can see three points that are marked as potential landing sites. These sites are located in Spain, Portugal and Algeria. There is the fourth point on the map as well and it is Watchpoint: Gibraltar, which is one of the maps in "Overwatch."

In one of the rooms on the map, players can see security footage of the primates that apparently once lived on the Moon. Winston's voice lines indicate that the primates may still be on the Moon, but nothing has been confirmed yet.

New "Overwatch" map also brings us Winston's room! This is not the first time that players saw his room as they had the opportunity to see it in "Overwatch's" short movie called "Recall." While there aren't many things in his room, players still love it as it was a big part of Winston's life. This character loves peanut butter and there's a jar of it on his bed!

The map has a room with astronaut suits, which makes sense considering its setting. However, it is interesting that one suit is missing, one that has "Winston" written above it. This suit most belonged to Dr. Harold Winston, who taught Winston (the in-game character) science and inspired him. It is unlikely that the gorilla would be able to fit in Dr.

Winston's suit, but maybe he took it as a memory for his favorite human caretaker.

New 'Overwatch' maps

With Horizon Lunar Colony released on live servers, players are excited to explore it even further and discover more secrets and easter eggs. However, the recent leaks indicate that "Overwatch" might get two more maps!

While Blizzard hasn't confirmed anything, it seems that "Overwatch" players will have a chance to visit India and New Zealand in these new maps. It is unsure whether these maps would be used in arcade mode only, but it seems that they will be used in quick and competitive gameplay as well. To read more about these new "Overwatch" maps, visit the following link.