If there is a game that lets players experience all sort of weird stuff, then it is no other than Rockstar Game’s “Gta 5.” In fact, the studio is moving towards direction with the brand new update. This time around, it is all about a motorcycle that can fly. Yes, fly.

The latest major update for “GTA 5” has just been released by the video game company. It is called Gunrunning, which allows players to become “prolific arms dealers.” Of course, it also allows them to extend their network of corruption and other criminal activities further. After all, it is what the entire franchise is all about.

How the new update works

In its most organic form, players begin by obtaining a so-called bunker. This basically serves as their own base of operations for all stuff related to dealing arms and/or ammunitions. To even help them with their criminal endeavors, these bunkers are equipped with the most advanced computer terminal. Interestingly, they can install a shooting range, gun lockers and personal quarters, among others.

To source all sorts of supplies, “GTA 5” players will have to start a Setup mission as a VIP, MC President or CEO. From there, they can let their employees do the legwork. They can be in-charge in manufacturing various weapons, conducting and even researching upgrades. As they go through with this update, Rockstar said that their “stock will grow over time.” This can be boosted, though, with the use Staff upgrades.

Once everything is set, players can just reap the profits from their crime-themed business and move merchandises to interested buyers across Blaine County and Los Santos.

Other changes and interesting additions

The Gunrunning update also adds a good set of weaponized cars. These are namely Dune FAV, APC, Half-Track, Anti-Aircraft Trailer and Weaponized Tampa.

However, the most interesting of them all is the Oppressor. Why exactly? That is because it is a motorcycle that flies. Believe it or not, players feel like they have wings when using this.

The Oppressor in “GTA 5” is deemed a hyperbike powered with a rocket-launching system. It offers “all your principles of flight” in one, essential package.

It has thrust system, a robust machine gun mounted at the front and extendable wings for both lifting and dragging. Players even the option to upgrade the bike’s weapon system so as to fire missiles. Now, this makes the update a totally awesome addition to the game.