The latest mod in the widely popular game "Grand Theft Auto V" is making buzz among players a few months ago. In fact, in the previous month, it was just a story with an upcoming launch. Yesterday, however, the team uploaded on YouTube the trailer of the mod, which they dubbed as "Red Dead Redemption V."

The mod

The trailer revealed one of the most ambitious mod to have ever been made in the history of "Gta 5." Sure there are numerous mods created, and they are interestingly entertaining. However, this one is a bit different. The makers of the mod called themselves as.

White is a pool of modders who collaborated for this project. Their initial plan was to mod the whole "Red Dead Redemption" map into the "Grand Theft Auto V." Aside from that, the modders added content loaded with improvements and graphic enhancements.

The mod is for single player usage and is expected to release the first beta in summer of 2017. The project involves restructuring a massive part of the usual map. Also, the modders are planning to integrate Parallax Occlusion Mapping and Tessellation. The project's total file size is 2 GB and is also planning to convert the Xbox 360 version of the game.

Rockstar Games

A few hours after the trailer for the "Red Dead Redemption V" was posted on YouTube, gamers discovered that it could no longer be accessed.

The Lead Programmer of White, Mr. Leisurewear, on GTA forums, revealed that they were contacted and they are discontinuing the project. The programmer clarified, however, that they the mod is never going to be a full port. He was quoted saying that it was just a map and that it is never possible for the project to be ported given the additional content.

He further said that they did not intend to port the mod from "RDR" to "GTA 5." Mr. Leisurewear clarified that the mod was just a converted map with several customized added content.

Although the Lead Programmer never indicated who reached them and made them stop the project, it is obvious that it was either Rockstar Games of Take-Two Interactive.

It is possible that Rockstar would like to make sure that "Red Dead Redemption" will be played on its proper platform. The game can only be played on PC through PlayStation Streaming service. If the mod will enable it to be played on PC, there is no reason the game should exist at all, aside from stepping on several legal issues.

The modders spent three long years in creating the "Red Dead Redemption V" mod for "Grand Theft Auto V." It is possible that they will just rest for a while as the hype dies down and resurface soon. As Mr.Liesurewear said, they are not going to throw away three years of hard work.