The world of “Gta 5” was in shock following Take-Two Interactive’s (Rockstar Games’ parent company) decision to shut down a popular modding tool called OpenIV. The tool is basically software that players use to develop and play all sorts of mods for the hit crime-themed game. Apparently, though, the company is looking to shut down yet another tool.

To shut down the “GTA 5” mod software, a legal notice was sent to the creators behind it. Now, the executives from the company have set their eyes on Force Hax, which is a mod menu for the game. The only difference is that it is a subscription-based cheat.

This was also contacted by the company’s legal team in an effort to shut the service down.

Force Hax in a nutshell

It is no secret that in the world of gaming there are various tools and/or software players can use to cheat or cheese their way to a game. Force Hax, in particular, is one of these. Players utilize these in Rockstar’s title to mod. In the community, it is known to as “The Dark Side of GTAV PC Modding.” The creators even dubbed it as an “Undetected GTAV Modmenu” for the platform. In its most organic form, it bypasses any of the anti-cheat features (even the latest ones) that the studio implements.

Unlike OpenIV, payment is needed for “GTA 5” players to use Force Hax. For a week of subscription, they paid around $6.99 to $15.99 for a monthly rate.

If they moved forward with a three-month promotion subscription, they just had to pay around $31.99. As long as it existed, it provided the means players were looking for, so, in a sense, the money spent was worth it. Unfortunately though, Take-Two Interactive has taken them down for good.

Tool’s creators release official statement

The people behind the “GTA 5” tool reportedly sat down with Rockstar Games’ parent company to discuss the legal conflict. At the end of the day, the company asked them to cease “all maintenance, development and distribution” concerning the cheat and menu services. With effect from then, the infamous tool stopped existing.

Force Hax developers intimated that they will donate all the proceeds they acquired to charity. They also apologized to their customers, most especially the “GTA 5” community. While many are not really affected by the tool’s closure, most players of the game are far more concerned with OpenIV. In fact, a petition was released by the fandom, with most of the players raging against Steam. At this time, the game has received tonnes of mostly negative reviews, PC Gamer reports.