Remember when the entire “Gta 5” community made a petition involving Take-Two Interactive and its decision to remove Open IV? Well, it has now reached a substantial number of signatures already. Add to this the continuously mixed reviews the game receives on Steam.

Just a couple of weeks ago, Take-Two sent out a Cease and Desist letter to the creators of OpenIV, a popular modding tool using in “GTA 5.” They were accused of copyright violations involving the game, its contents and the aforesaid tool. While the creators believe otherwise, they had no choice but to give in.

Unfortunately for the company, the community did not like what they did.

OpenIV petition reaches 50,000 signatures

Believe it or not, as of this writing, the petition now has 50,000 signatures. This is expected to be sent to both Rockstar Games and its parent company in due time. Obviously, on the business side of things, this does not look good. This will only impact the company’s sale negatively, something that the fandom actually hoped to happen.

Apparently, the closure of the said modding tool also affected the machinima community in “GTA 5.” Although they did not really give out details regarding their status following the shutdown, it cannot be denied that they are greatly affected. The players, in particular, are even doubtful of the game’s future in modding.

The shutdown courtesy of Take-Two

Most “GTA 5” players believe that what the company did was completely wrong and selfish. In hopes for their opinions and voices to be heard, the community resorted to giving the crime-themed game an awful review on Steam. As of this moment, the title is sitting at “Overwhelmingly Negative.” This is seriously an all-time low for Rockstar’s titular title.

OpenIV’s shutdown comes as a surprise, considering that the tool has existed for nearly a decade already.

It should be noted that OpenIV is not the only tool or modding software that Take-Two closed. There are individual modders out there who are also stepping down thanks to the company’s decision. With what is happening, most players are now wondering what the future might hold for the game’s modding community.

In the world of video gaming, modding has played a significant role in bringing a new perspective and stuff to a title. It has become both a hobby and a means for living. This is why players of “GTA 5” are just greatly affected, thinking that the people behind the game no longer value the community.