2016’s Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) came with a huge bang after Sony Santa Monica finally unveiled “God of War 4.” It even stirred the interest of many fans and gamers alike when the game featured a totally different Kratos, the game’s main protagonist. With this year’s event only a few days away, it is exciting to see what the developers have made so far.

Just recently, the studio installed a massive poster of “God of War 4” across LA as part of its promotional tactics. It is also the company’s way of saying that they are giving the title a bigger push, especially with fans expecting a lot from the sequel.

There is no doubt, though, that the forthcoming game will be a huge blockbuster hit.

What to expect from “God of War 4”

Apparently, Sony Santa Monica has not been so generous when it comes to releasing details about the game. Nevertheless, in its most organic form, it will feature the return of the fan-favorite Kratos, only this time he is a father. Yes, the guy now has a son, who will accompany him on his new journey.

As for its release date, everything remains unclear. There are rumors suggesting a late 2017 release, while some point at an early 2018 timeline. Perhaps, at E3, the studio will finally shed some light on this particularly. It should be noted, too, that the fourth installment of the titular franchise is a PlayStation 4 exclusive.

What to expect at E3

Last year, fans were treated to a trailer that featured a 10-minute gameplay of “God of War 4.” The video also confirmed that the main character will not return to mythological Greece and would instead venture into the world of Norse mythology. This year’s expo might go further than just the setting and gameplay.

The game director of “God of War 4” named Cory Barlog explicitly said that title will take place a couple of years after the events of the third iteration. Here, Kratos will be angrier and vengeful, but with a more matured approach to things. In terms of combat, Sony Santa Monica promised a very different one. Barlog even mentioned about completely redoing the known combat system to fully compliment the change they did with the fourth installment.

Combat gameplay explained

Rather than being equipped with the usual blades, Kratos will be donning an ax in “God of War 4.” Still, the character will be able to utilize some sort of elemental magic similar to the previous three games. It should be noted that upgradable abilities will still be part of this new title, though the devs went to change its system entirely. Basically, it will now be an XP-based system in which the character’s skills will play a huge role.

His son Atreus, on the other hand, is unplayable. Interestingly, he will be there to aid his father in every endeavor. In fact, Sony placed a button particularly on the Dualshock controller for players to direct and/or interact him. It is also meant to advance his skills accordingly.