At long last, the newest “Pokemon GO” has started courtesy of developer Niantic. Officially titled Solstice Event, players here will get a chance to capture pocket monsters under the fire and ice type categories. For those wondering what sort of Pokemon these are, they are detailed below.

The fact that the studio purposely included two types of “Pokemon GO” creatures, trainers definitely have a great array of creatures to capture. Of course, there is still the aim to catch whichever species they do not currently have. Nonetheless, there is also nothing wrong with knowing what beasts have increased spawns in this current event.

The Gen 1 Fire-type Pokemon

First on the list is no other than Charmander and all of its evolutions (i.e. Charmeleon and Charizard). This Pokemon is deemed to be one of the most icon creatures in the history of the hit augmented reality game. For those who have yet to own a Charizard, in particular, the Solstice Event is the perfect time to achieve this goal. While this beast may not be as strong as other evolutions out there, it is still fit enough to defend and attack gyms within the game.

Other “Pokemon GO” creatures in this category are Growlithe/Arcanine, Vulpix/Ninetales, Ponyta/Rapidash and Flareon, among others. It is worth noting that the latter is just among the many evolutions of the popular specie called Eevee.

Apparently, though, the said pocket monster is not a strong companion in gyms, so it might be best to venture with other creatures like Magby/Magar and/or the aforesaid Pokemon.

The Gen 1 Ice-type Pokemon

If it is all about defeating the heavy gym contender Dragonite in “Pokemon GO,” then an ice-type creature such as Shellder/Cloyster is an apt creature to use.

The beast and its evolution have enough move sets to defeat any formidable fire-type species. Adding to the list are Smoochum/Jynx and Seel/Dewgong. Of course, Lapras should not be missed out, as it is considered a rare and strong Pokemon in the game. As a matter of fact, its popularity still lingers today, with players still hoping to own one.

Moving towards Gen 2 in “Pokemon GO,” it is a crime not to mention the greatness of Swinub/Pillowswine. Believe it or not, it is a strong Pokemon apt to defend and/or attack gyms. Unfortunately for other players in other regions, this pocket monster is a struggle to catch. This is why the creature and its evolution are deemed gym champions, as they project evident success.