Just recently, Ubisoft surprised fans of the fighting-themed title called “For Honor” with an announcement of a new feature: the game’s ranked play titled "Dual Tournaments," though it is still in beta. As of this writing, it is already live on the game’s public test server.

Like other games, the aforementioned “For Honor” feature is developed to provide more competitiveness in the game. The studio iterated that they expect this to dramatically improve the gameplay experience. Unfortunately for console users, it is only available to PC players.

How to access Dual Tournaments via Uplay

Ubisoft intentionally released "Dual Tournaments" in the public test server to acquire feedback from the community. Introducing the feature to the said server also enabled the studio to explore multiple options without affecting the game’s live servers. More importantly, it helps them veer away from the certification processes required from both Microsoft and Sony; hence no beta port was made for the consoles. PC players have two ways to access the ranked gaming: Uplay or Steam.

For Uplay, players simply need to log using their main accounts. Once done, they must navigate straight to the games tab where they should see an option that says, “For Honor” – Public Test.

It is worth noting that this only appears if and only if they qualify for participation, which most PC players should, as long as they have played the game before June 22. They should then be able to launch Dual Tournaments from the game’s Public Test Server.

How to access ranked gaming via Steam

Here, “For Honor” players need to log using their Steam accounts and navigate to the Library.

There they should see the game’s title categorized as “Public Test.” The requirement is still the same as Uplay’s. Assuming they qualify, they can immediately launch the new feature. Interestingly, Ubisoft has allowed preloading for the test server for either platform. This should give them flexible options of accessing the beta from any region in the country.

It should be noted that any progress made in the “For Honor” public test server will not be transferred to the live profiles of players, most especially the official servers. Fortunately, any current update and/or tweaks the studio introduces to Dual Tournaments are accessible. To begin ranking, players must first undergo a total of 20 placement matches. The result will then be used to determine their specific rank, which offers a total of five tiers: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum and Gold.