Soon after its launch, Ubisoft’s latest iteration “For Honor” quickly gained recognition. Players from all over the world saw a unique kind of fighting-themed game, offering what appeared to be a different style combat system. However, it lost players as quick as it gained; and now, the loss percentage has gone up to a great percentage.

There is no word to say this, but the game is looking very unpleasing following a dramatic meltdown in terms of the player pool. It is true that since its launching, the number of players has decreased. Unfortunately, it is a surprise to see that around 95 percent of the title’s player base, at least on Steam, has been shed in just a couple of months.

There is no honor in For Honor anymore

At initial release, “For Honor” boasted a whopping concurrent player number of 45k. While this is still a very acceptable figure, it is actually down compared to the 71k it got during the beta phase. Since then, the numbers continue to spiral down, as if there is no honor in playing the game anymore. In fact, Ubisoft’s release of Season 2 (along with new heroes and maps, among others) did not do the trick.

Sure, as soon as “Shadow and Might” was unleashed, the title saw a little boost (around 5k players added). Unfortunately, this number dwindled all over again, staying close the figure the game acquired during the pre-DLC time. And judging by the way it looks, it seems Ubisoft will have a hard time contemplating what sort of resolution must be done.

This is not entirely new with Ubisoft

Apparently, the mishap experienced by “For Honor” is not entirely new to Ubisoft. It is worth noting that “The Division,” another title from the studio, also undergone such messy situation. The shooting title lost around 93 percent of its total player base in just a short period of three months.

Now, just another three months after the release of the video game company’s 2017 title, the fighting game already surpassed one of 2016’s biggest frustration.

Many have always questioned the ability of Ubisoft to sustain a player pool, despite the potentials of the titles they developed. In the case of “For Honor,” one of the main issues is the frequent appearance of rage quitters.

These are players who, instead of finishing a match, choose to leave early. While this has been addressed by the studio in the latest patch (which introduced a Leaver Penalty system), it is safe to say that it is way too late.