There are interesting sets of gaming pieces in every map in “Overwatch.” Players can spend time playing it on a military base, on a movie set, and even in the moon. The game has offered variety and interest in a whole new level that keeps players engaged. However, it is very noticeable that, unlike other shooter titles in the gaming world today, Blizzard’s shooter does not have the underwater map or water environment.

What does Kaplan have to say?

The game’s development team has something to say about the water and underwater levels. According to “Overwatch” Game Director Jeff Kaplan, the major reason why players can seldom find swimming gunplay in the game is that the team behind the popular title does not find fun on it.

Kaplan recognized that the immersion is great. However, he emphasized that the actual moment to moment gameplay is somewhat gimmicky if not underwhelming. Simply put, the development team does not like the water levels.

Other reasons

Aside from the outright dislike to the water levels, incorporating swimming and water to the game gives a totally new level of difficulty to the game’s animation process. Swimming could have a negative effect in the game and it could slow down the release of heroes because of added workload on the part of the developer. In addition, every hero introduced in the game is animated using keyframe animation. In other words, everything is done by hand.

If Blizzard opts to add swimming, each character needs to have an increased amount of animation work for the game’s base locomotion.

Aside from that, extra animation update is required for every ability. Other components of the game would also get less animation work like intros, highlights, and emotes among others.

Jeff Kaplan, moreover, underlined that with swimming added to the game, the biggest effect would really fall on the release of the game’s heroes.

As a result of taking significantly longer time, fewer heroes could be released in the game.

Meanwhile, the latest “Overwatchupdate 1.13 on PTR has been making headlines. There are recent discoveries in the crash log report revealing that the patch has a title referring to Doomfist and Summer Games.

With the summer in full swing, it is only a matter of time that the game developer makes the official announcement given that the recently discovered information is accurate.

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