#Persona 5” has taken the gaming industry by storm with its stylish and dynamic art style along with its streamlined JRPG gameplay. While many believed that turn-based combat was dead, Atlus’ latest installment easily proved that it could still thrive in modern gaming. The game has won over the hearts of many fans and has seen a surge in popularity in the Persona franchise itself.

Many fans have honored the game through means of cosplay and fanfiction, but others have decided to go the extra mile by bringing some of the features to real life. One person even created a real Phan-Site where people can go and discuss things about the game.

Recently, another fan decided to recreate the popular “Persona 5Messaging App the protagonist and his friends use in the game.

Sending Messages in ‘Persona 5’

While the name of the app was never mentioned, the protagonist and his friends would usually set up their meetings or discuss important topics using a messaging app. Some brought up the idea that it was based on the Japanese app called Line. Nonetheless, it was apparent that the series wanted to tie in a more modern feel for the game.

Aside from the typical strategy meetings and what not, the app was also useful for keeping up with the Confidants in the game. When their slots were open, the player would get a message informing them that they could spend time with those certain people.

The protagonist could choose to either accept or decline their offer which made it much easier for players to keep track of who they should bond with.

The Messaging App Comes to Life

According to The Verge, Fan Nick Greenan created the same app for Mobile Devices that fans can download for completely free. Everything ties in with the version of the game along with the swish animations and color-coded backgrounds.

Players have the choice to stick with the flashy red background or opt for different colors based on the arcanas in the game.

While the app is currently free, fans have the option to donate to the creator. Keep in mind that the “Persona 5” messaging app does not support MMS and is only currently available on Android devices.

Those with iOS will have to wait for further news to when it will be available for download. Overall, don't expect the this to do anything crazy or have some of the staple features of a typical messaging app. While it might not act as a permanent replacement for texting friends, it is still fun to read messages like a member of the “Persona 5” phantom thieves would.