As the release date for 'Destiny 2' nears, Bungie feels more obligated to reveal more information about the sequel. Previously, they mentioned how they wanted to introduce a new story to the upcoming game. Now, they shed some light on the debate involving players’ in-game vaults.

Basically, players are discussing the importance of vaults in 'Destiny 2.' While most of them agree with having a storage for loots and/or items, others simply do not care. The studio finally confirmed the inclusion of vaults in the follow-up game. After all, these were developed to give players a storage for their gears and other items.

Vaults in the sequel

Vaults in the new game will be the same with the ones in the original title. Basically, they will be utilized by players in storing items, as well as means for transferring items between characters. According to GameRant, the confusion involving vaults started with the first reveal trailer in which Cabal’s Red army stormed the Last City. Apparently, the vaults were removed. This brought about panic, for the lack of better term, as players know and understand the importance of this feature.

Fortunately, this will not be happening in 'Destiny 2'. Bungie explained that they did not mean to convey such idea, although they purposely did it to project a consistent narrative tale.

It played right actually, considering that the Guardians did lose everything (powers and the Traveler, among others). The sequel’s director Luke Smith said that despite the vaults being destroyed in the footage, their return to the sequel is confirmed.

The new location of Vaults

The new vaults in 'Destiny 2' will be moved to a social space, which the studio calls "The Farm." Little is revealed about the latter, but it is said to be a location outside the Earth’s so-called "European Dead Zone." With the vaults’ arrival, players are now wondering about the sizes.

Smith did not offer a detailed answer but ensured that more information will be released soon. “We’re continuing to look at it, but nothing to share today,” he said.

It is worth noting that one of the issues players have with the original title is the size of the vaults. In fact, the community has constantly asked Bungie to increase its size so as to accommodate the amount of gear available.

Unfortunately, the studio never changed or increased it. With 'Destiny 2' just around the corner, fans are now wondering if the video game company will do something drastic about these storages. Well, fans will definitely know later on.