Long after “Destiny 2 was announced, fans of the franchise have been wondering what the sequel might offer. They discussed about new classes being added, or a brand new take on the original game’s storyline. There has been so much anticipation that players just hoped for their questions to be answered.

As the release date nears, the developers at Bungie are more pressured to reveal anything concrete about “Destiny 2.” Staying true to their promise, the game’s very own director Luke Smith shared about what makes the follow-up title unique. He even iterated how this, in one way or another, can be considered as the biggest change in the franchise.

The sequel’s most significant change

In an interview with GamesRadar, Smith was asked about the biggest change that the sequel could offer. After all, if it is true that the second game is nothing close to being a DLC (a joke coined by players in the community), then he should be confident to convey this information. Fortunately, he did. Smith thinks that if anything else, it is the “inclusion of a story.”

Smith said Bungie is focused on providing a “followable narrative” in “Destiny 2.” By this he means two things: a huge storyline and an epic scenario. He even went on to suggest that they have always liked the idea of layering the game’s story content in a way that they have not done before.

This, in particular, confirms that the Red War arc will not be the only main story in the game. It might not even be a main story at all, as the studio just confirmed another one.

Explaining the trailers’ connection

Smith explained that they started conveying the idea of a new storyline through the various trailers and/or footages they released for “Destiny 2” before.

Players will even experience in-game adventures that will unfold the stories behind a particular world, planet and even enemy. He reminded the community that these will not necessarily be connected to the Red War, as they all tell a different story.

Bungie’s decision to do so is plain and simple: introduce a new story arc that will (hopefully) capture the hearts of “Destiny 2.” In addition, they believe that by approaching the sequel’s narrative differently, they should be able to attract newer people.

It is definitely interesting to see how this approach will affect the forthcoming game, as well as the franchise as a whole. Whether or not fans love the idea, they should be able to find out by the time the game arrives.