Destiny 2” quickly acquired a huge following the moment it was announced. This only shows how titular the franchise has become thanks to the original game. But of course, the sequel is pretty much different (and better) than the first one. Well, almost all players will agree to that.

Nevertheless, “Destiny 2” will first be released on the console platform before Bungie will bring it to the PC platform later on. However, the studio revealed back then that they intend to make the gameplay experience the same on both platforms. This means the console version of the game will have similar features and/or aesthetics, among others, with the PC version of the title.

Apparently, this will soon be changed.

An important change being applied

It holds true that the developers of the game wanted the aforementioned consistency to happen. Unfortunately, there is a change deemed so significant that the PC version must be quite different from its console counterpart. This change is basically referring to recoil, something that does not really happen on guns on PC. Interestingly, there is a good reason why such element does not fit well with the platform.

In an interview with the Australian site Finder, “Destiny 2” project leader Mark Noseworthy explained the main reason why recoil cannot be implemented. He said that, in one way or another, recoil just “feels really good” on the controller.

Whenever console players fire, they get a pinch of magnetism (from the controller) which, for Noseworthy, “feels great.” The PC’s keyboard and mouse just cannot simply offer this feel-good experience.

It just will not happen

Noseworthy iterated that this is just among the things that players of “Destiny 2” will have to accept, regardless of the platform they are using.

“Some things don’t work that don’t feel good,” he exclaimed. The project leader, though, is correct. There are things that the PC platform cannot offer but the consoles do and vice versa. But of course, this should not convey a negative chain of thoughts to the community.

Going back to recoil in “Destiny 2,” Noseworthy clarified that recoil, on some weapons on PC, will still continue to exist.

However, they will be “heavily modified” from the console. As a matter of fact, they have shown this significant difference back at this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3). The developers of the game released a footage showcasing the recoil differences in PC. Good thing is, as what history states, a recoil feature does not promote success nor erase it. This is evident with games from the “Call of Duty” series, which, believe it or not, does not even such system in-game.